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Reinforcing the fabric design process
Date:2022-04-08        Hits:22        Back

  A few years ago, in the entire domestic textile and apparel industry chain, the fabric link was the weakest. Fabric companies often lack inspiration when designing and creating, can't find accurate positioning, and often do not handle the finishing process well. Such problems have seriously restricted the sustainable development of my country's high-end clothing industry. The lack of this fabric link directly affects the development of downstream clothing in the textile industry, resulting in a huge gap between my country's textile and clothing and Paris, Tokyo, Milan, New York and other metropolitan fashion.

  In addition, as the demand for personalized consumption becomes more and more obvious, the product update speed of the current textile and apparel industry is also getting faster and faster. Nowadays, a piece of clothing often only takes 1 to 2 months from the time it is put on the shelf to the time it is taken off the shelf. The life cycle is even shorter.

  For this reason, our company has improved the requirements for fabric design and has made significant improvements in product optimization.